Avantgarde Midsummer Specials

Our courtyard will once again be transformed into a festival site with a campfire and lots of culinary stalls and stands. In our barn it will be loud and experimental again, the hayloft is prepared for the quiet happenings and will become a very special place with the exhibition "Małe Instrumenty". In the gallery in the CoC, we exhibit paintings, photos and sculptures that were created during past avant-garde festivals, among other things. You can experience film screenings in the Annex. There you can also meet the artists, who will be happy to answer your questions and chat with you. You can camp in our garden. You will also find the toilets there - with running water, of course.

Friday June 21

Barn Hayloft CoC Annex Yard
15 Gallery Gallery Campfire
Małe Instrumenty Ausstellung Films
Acousmatic Siestas
Pawel Romanczuk Food stands
RAW Thomas Otto
Julien Perrin
Groove Study Live
Geraldine Swayne Bar
Visual Bassic

Saturday June 22

Barn Hayloft CoC Annex Yard
14 Exhibition Gallery Q&A
Małe Instrumenty Meet the Artist Campfire
Pawel Romanczuk Films
Recursion Food stands
Tina Tonagel
faUSt & Friends

Sunday June 23

Barn Hayloft CoC Annex Yard
10 Chill Małe Instrumenty Ausstellung Films
Dementia tranquille Tomtara What ever happens!
16 AGA Trio What ever happens! Imagine!