Avantgarde Midsummer Specials

How can I support the Avantgarde Midsummer Specials?

In the last 30 years we created various forms of gatherings/festivals/happenings to celebrate The Avantgarde and the longest day of the year and the community that grows and grows and grows and grows ...
This has only been possible due to the constant adjustments to circumstances such as force majeure, strength and health and ... financial means! We are forever grateful to all the artists and helping hands who performed, worked for very little or no money - no money in the world can ever refund this support!
The best way to support us is to come and visit the festival! Buy tickets for you, for a friend, for a group, for a ghost, for the unknown...
...or donate money to the association Avantgarde Schiphorst e.V. who has been the official and legal entity behind all cultural events hosted in the past years.
Donate to Avantgarde Verein e.V.: IBAN: DE64 2305 2750 0000 6592 31 / BIC: NOLADE21RZB
or via Paypal: avantgarde.schiphorst@gmail.com

With your help we can realize another weekend-long gathering and cover the costs such as artists fees and travel expenses, technical equipment and basic infrastructure.

Thank you!

The Avantgarde Midsummer Specials Team